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Angelic, soul full, haunting

HadassaH is a skilled singer-songwriter singing a broad range of songs.

HadassaH has performed in 4 different continents and has studied vocals in England and songwriting in Sydney.

HadassaH performs by herself, using a loop pedal.

Growing up in a musical family her passion for music has always been there. Taking her to the other side of the world and now being a part time musician and vocal teacher.
Together with husband, drummer/DJ Andre.
Hadassah has recorded an EP and has some other exciting recording projects on the go.


Follow us on facebook to stay up to date to see Andre & HadassaH perform life.


 Passionate, professional, enthusiastic

DJ Andre knows his music,

from old school FAVORITES to today's HITS


enthusiastic personality


 experienced professional

LISTENS to what you want

Andre DJ's at weddings, clubs, parties and pubs.
Follow us on facebook to find out where you can next see him in action.

Andre has also been playing drums for over 18 years.
Playing for different bands from reaggea to rock etc.
Now he accompanies HadassaH


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